Resort locals are a special breed. They make the necessary sacrifices to live in places they love because they know life is short — they heed the call of a life lived fully.

But working in a resort town can be tricky. 

As the old adage goes: ‘you either own three homes or work three jobs in a resort town.’Whether you’ve just graduated from college and want to enjoy a season or two before launching your “real career” or you’re a long-time local who’s stayin’ put forever, you can make it happen. We understand the desire to live a life on your own terms, and we have experienced the magnetic pull that resort towns exude.

As a new graduate, as long as you remain flexible and more interested in ‘living the dream’ vs. making a living at this point in your life, you’ll easily find a job. It may not be your dream job, but it’ll bring in enough money to cover your expenses while you concentrate on the life (skiing, hiking, playing).

On the other hand, if you’re looking to find a more corporate position in the resort town you love, you’ll need to possess dogged determination to make it happen.  But don’t despair — it can happen .  Those 9-5 jobs may be few and far between, but with enough effort, you can land that type of job too. 

And don’t forget to consider a ‘work-from-anywhere’ corporate position which may be another viable (andpossibly more-ideal) option that helps you live the resort-life.  These types of jobs offer much-needed income for much-needed fun. 

This flexible position lets you can sneak out for a run or two over lunch, and who doesn’t love that?  After all, a little mid-day exercise only serves to help those afternoon brainstorms!  

To target local hirers, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our sister site: This website (in Beta mode thru 7/1/11) offers another alternative for promoting your services to local hirers in the community.  

Resort-town workers usually look for extra work in order to participate in many of the exciting outings found in and around the area or splurge on some new, rad sports equipment.  And Resort Workers helps you spread the word that you want to work (and since everyone has more than one skill, your profile can appear in up to 15 job categories).

The best part of living in town is having both a professional and a personal life, so remember that balance is key.  The main reason people relocate here is to enjoy the laid-back approach to life. 

So although work is important, it’s usually a far second to the lifestyle.  Always remember our motto:  Work Hard. Play Hard.

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