May 192011
Hire an Intern and Help Your Business

From The Park Record editorial on 05/17/2011 If you own a business in Summit County, you have likely received a similar request. An enthusiastic high school or college student is contemplating a career in your profession and wants to know if there any possibility of an internship. Please say yes. At The Park Record our spirits are lifted immeasurably when a young person expresses an interest in pursuing a career in journalism. It helps us remember our own days as cub reporters and the idealism that accompanied us on every assignment. These days, we know that getting into a good college or securing a job in a particular discipline is more difficult than ever and any leg up that we can offer is important.  …read more

May 182011
Recreational Roller Derby League Coming To Eagle

EAGLE — Roller derby is making a comeback, and this summer the sport is coming to Eagle County. WECMRD is forming a recreational flat track roller derby league this summer. The league is looking for skaters and non-skaters alike. Roller derby has a long history as a women’s sport from its beginnings in Chicago in the 1920s to the 1970s when the sport was exploited for TV ratings, and more recently a grassroots come back with skater owned and recreational teams forming across the globe. Modern roller derby is often played on a flat track, although some leagues have both a flat and banked track.  …read more

May 122011

Company releases second quarter results Whistler Blackcomb (WB) released its second quarter results today (Thursday, May 12), reporting $39 million in earnings and 33 per cent more skiers in the three months ending March 31, 2011. Among the highlights, WB president and COO Dave Brownlie reported that the local ski operator saw a “partial recovery” in Whistler’s destination visitors, especially from non-regional Canadian markets and Asia-Pacific.  …read more

May 112011
Pedaling to Prosperity

Written by:  Jason Collin – Tahoe Daily Tribune on 5/11/11 For many locals, cycling doesn’t even cross their minds while there’s still snow on the ground. However, the changing of the clocks and the warmer days marks a beautiful point in the cycle of life — the key being the cycle. Yes, cycling season is upon us and the big question is are you ready?  You might say: “Well, I’ve been skiing a ton.” Although some of the fitness acquired from skiing and boarding will help with strength and baseline fitness, cycling presents unique demands on your body. From a physiological standpoint, cycling is much more aerobic than skiing/boarding and includes longer, continuous activity with little or no rest. Anatomically, we’re moving from an activity such as skiing and boarding that places demands on our bodies that are up and down, forward and backward and side-to-side.  …read more

May 072011
Living A Life On Your Terms Takes Courage

I thought to myself: “How is it that I think I have so much creativity and passion inside, yet here I sit — selling news to corporations?” I’ve always been so inspired by my friend because she makes her own choices. Twenty years ago, we were living large in Aspen, having an absolute ball after college. But after having my two years’ worth of fun, I knew it was time to move to Chicago to pursue what some referred to as a “real job.” But not my artistic, independent friend.  She thought we were all crazy. “Are you kidding me? I’m staying put.  This place is awesome,” she said. I listened but dismissed her comments as foolish. I was going to be a “homeowner” after all — not a “renter” for the rest of my life.  (related article: Homeownership Can Be A Dream Killer) Needless to say, she ended up being the […]

May 072011

Article from on May 5th, 2011 Beaver Creek, Colo. May 4, 2011 – The summer season at Beaver Creek kicks off Memorial Day weekend with the seventh annual Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29.   This signature summer event serves up delicious barbeque fare cooked by visiting chefs from across the country, as well as Vail Valley favorites, complimented by microbrews from a variety of national breweries. Bring the whole family out to celebrate the start of summer with complimentary kids’ activities offered throughout the weekend.   …read more

May 072011
Demographer: Super-Rich Declining in Aspen

By The Associated Press @ The Denver Post on April 28th, 2011 ASPEN, Colo.—A demographer says the super-rich are likely to have less impact on Aspen’s economy in the future and that tourists and retirees will play a bigger role.  Jim Westkott, the former senior demographer for Colorado state government, told local officials Wednesday the recession has changed his outlook for Aspen and other resort areas. Many wealthy homeowners who made up a large part of the Aspen market four years ago lost a lot of money in the recession and are unlikely to recover that wealth in the near future, he said, according to reports in The Aspen Times and the Aspen Daily News.  He predicted the development of large, expensive second homes will decline because future retirees with Aspen aspirations can no longer afford to retire or live part-time there.  …read more

May 042011
Homeownership Can Be A Dream-Killer

For years, I have never quite understood why my fabulous friends (resort-town locals, to be exact) were always so happy and full of life in spite of the fact that they may be living in tiny quarters, holding multiple jobs or more times than not, were flat broke. I think I finally get it. For so long, I’ve been holding onto a dream that at some point mid-night turned into a nightmare: the dream of home-ownership. Home-ownership can be a nightmare. I moved into my four bedroom Minnetonka home back in 1997 when I was giddy with anticipation of things to come.  Recently married and expecting a large family, I became a Junior League member, tennis league player, black lab owner and dinner club participant.  I was living the full-blown suburban dream, and I thought I loved it. But when I got quiet, settled or bored, I realized I was not happy. Flash forward 14 years. […]

May 022011
Do You Create Your Luck?

Earlier today, I finished reading the latest edition to Oprah’s magazine. Although I rarely get around to reading it anymore, when I do I always find valuable nuggets of information worth holding on to. This month, there was a feature article about which served as a good wake up call. All my life, everyone has always said “Connie, you are so lucky!” or “You never meet a stranger.” Although that’s nice to hear, after reading this article, I realize that those descriptors are really referring to character strengths I’m lucky to possess. However, reading this article made me realize that I haven’t been living up to my potential in this area lately. And that’s about to change… Creating Your Good Fortune There have been many times in my life when I’ve intentionally created my good fortune. After my divorce, I was adamant about getting back in touch with my lost, […]

May 022011
Do You Give Money To Panhandlers?

It was a cold day in Minnesota today as we were digging out from 15″ of new snow. This morning, I did my typical, just-returned-from-Aspen tasks like picking up my mail at the post office, paying bills, and going to the grocery store for the basic staples like milk, eggs and bread. I’ve been working so hard lately to make ends meet while I get my businesses up and running that I’ve barely had time to breathe, nevertheless reflect and think. I’m calling these trying economic times my “foundation-laying years.” I have a very clear vision as to where I’m headed, I’m just hoping I make it there in time. Funny thing is, I think many people are feeling this way regardless if they’re in a long-term corporate job or a short-term entrepreneurial venture. Times are tough. I started my start-over two years ago this month when I founded Sharing […]

May 022011
Too Busy To Slow Down?  Doubt it.

I’ve been taking it really easy since all my hoopin’ and hollerin’ on Friday night, and this is most certainly a good thing. I’ve been cranking out some work, and admittedly, I’ve been recuperating from the over-indulgence. There’s definitely something to be said for stopping.  Just . I received an email from a friend and potential business partner this afternoon that screamed overwhelmed to me. I’ve been there so many times, so I know. You could just tell from her writing…the anxiety and hurried wording in just her first paragraph. It certainly made me take pause to send peace her way. Sometimes nature makes you take pause. Like right now. Although I’ve arrived at my destination, it’s raining pretty hard outside. So, I’ve turned off the engine, turned off the lights, turned off the radio, turned off the iphone. And for the past 10 minutes, I‘ve just listened to the […]

May 022011
On Continuous Learning

One of the most important lessons I have learned in my life was a saying that came from my beloved grandfather. “Connie, you may lose your friends, you may lose your money, you may lose your home…but the one thing that no one can ever take away from you is your education.” That insightful gift always hovers in the back of my head when experiencing the ebbs and flows of life. No matter what situation I find myself in, there is a solid sense or knowing that because of my excellent education and thirst for learning, I remain curious, interested, and even resourceful – especially during the tough times. I strongly believe that life is about developing options. But it’s hard to develop options if you are unaware of the choices which are available to you. That’s where continuous learning comes in. Creating Inspiration Continuous learning creates inspiration. Continuous learning […]

May 012011
MONEY: How Will I Make A Living Here?

There exists a real disparity between the have’s and the have not’s in resort towns.  There are three categories of locals that keep the local economy churning: the Haves, the Have Nots and the In-Betweens. The Haves. There’s an old saying in resort towns that “as a local, you either own three homes or work three jobs.”  That motto has never been more prevalent as it is this decade. The billionaires have pushed the millionaires down valley, and the Have-Nots are now being bussed up valley to serve the Haves because rents have become prohibitively expensive. The sad thing about this scenario is that beautiful, multi-million dollar mansions sit empty where once thriving employee housing existed.  Resort towns become ghost towns except during peak season — those few weeks in summer and winter where the Haves swoop in for their idyllic, but short-lived, getaway filled with shopping excursions and high-end party extravaganzas. The Haves, however, do […]