Jun 182011
VIDEO: Telluride Bluegrass Festival - House Band

A Telluride Bluegrass Festival tradition is the performance by the Telluride House Band, a Bluegrass “super group” that comes together once a year for one and only one performance at opening night of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. The band consists of Béla Fleck on banjo, Stuart Duncan on fiddle, Edgar Meyer on bass, Sam Bush on mandolin, Jerry Douglas on Dobro, and our own Bryan Sutton on guitar. This tune features a smokin’ hot Bryan Sutton.

Jun 152011
The End of Snow Days? Say It Isn't So.

Unfortunately, today’s kids are getting the short end of the stick. Back in the day when I was a child, walking back and forth to school, in 10 feet of snow (ok, not really — that was dad’s story), I lived for my summer break.  Filled with leisurely, fun days at the pool, playing sports or just hanging out with friends, summer was long enough (a good 13-14 weeks) to make me actually look forward to going back to school in the fall. If I recall correctly, my only assignment was to read a few books off the summer reading list and that was about it.  Everything else was sheer play. Avoiding summer school was enough incentive for me to study hard during the school year.  Unfortunately, it’s starting to look like even the smart kids are going to have to endure the ‘punishment’ of sitting in a dreary classroom during hot, summer weather.  And cold, snowy weather too. Reports […]

Jun 072011
Local Hangout Bentley’s Shuts Down After 27 Years

by Curtis Wackerle, Aspen Daily News Staff Writer; Monday, June 6, 2011 The patrons of Bentley’s at the Wheeler told their last stories and swilled their last shots inside the Aspen staple this weekend, as the restaurant and bar closed its doors Saturday after a 27-year run. Bentley’s is closing so the city can put a new restaurant and bar in the prime-corner space of the city-owned Wheeler Opera House. This coincides with a $2 million remodel …read more

Jun 052011

  We want to hear from you. Are you currently a local to a particular resort town? Then we want to know who or what you recommend. Enter your feedback in the comments box (located in the comments section below). Include your answers to the following three questions, and we’ll consider your recommendation. What’s the Resort Town? What’s the Category? What’s the Feedback? Feel free to include website links and a short blurb about why you are submitting this recommendation. Thanks.

Jun 052011
Too Broke To Afford Your Beauty Regimen?

Is a Limited Budget Impacting Your Massages, Pedicures and Haircuts? Embrace Aging (With or Without Spa Days) It’s official. Yes, it’s finally happened. And just when I decided that it would never really happen to me. I was on Facebook today, and decided to check out some older posts since I had not logged on in a few days. I was checking out the informative updates, making comments to posts, and perusing some lovely uploaded pictures of long-lost friends. It was nice to see reunion pictures of my friends’ mothers, and reminisce about how I miss everyone, including all the generations from days gone by. You see, growing up down south, everybody knows everybody. We know each other’s mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins…. That’s when it happened. Reality struck. Wait. Make that horror struck. We’re Getting Old Those weren’t pictures of a maternal reunion as I previously thought. They were reunion […]

Jun 042011
4 Signs Your Renter Is Moving Out

by: Mary Lewis, Yahoo! Contributor Network – Jan 1, 2011 Nothing is more disheartening than finding keys in the afterhours drop box. Unexpected move outs are always a setback to the success of the apartment community. You can improve the time it takes to fill a vacant unit if you can only anticipate someone moving out, you just have to know what signs to look for. Failure to Respond: Their lease is coming up and you have sent them their renewal invitation and requested they stop by their office to sign their lease.  …read more

Jun 022011
Greed: Pigs Always Get Slaughtered

I’ve been working in some form of sales my entire life, and without fail, I’ve witnessed greed rear its ugly head more times than I’d like to recall. Trust me – it’s not a pretty site. It’s always amazed me how, when presented with opportunities to make a lot of money, some business owners choose lusting after the dollar instead of remaining honorable. It’s as if desperation creeps in over the deal yet to be closed and their white knuckles grab onto the money yet to be made. I’ve never understood this approach to business.  I firmly believe in the theory that if you are holding on too tight to money, your hand’s not open to receive more. At the moment when greed takes hold, peace flees — resulting in anxiety and stress for all parties involved. Lately, I’ve been doing some sales consulting and contract work on the side to […]

Jun 022011
Lake Tahoe ski resorts open 4th of July weekend

Summer weather and lingering snow at big resorts suggest July 4th, 2011 will be the day to check an item or two off the old bucket list. Resort areas in North Lake Tahoe will offer downhill terrain over 4th of July weekend, giving you the rare opportunity to ski or snowboard in the summer. Overachievers can try to ski and jet ski- or snowboard and wakeboard- in the same day. Continue reading on

May 272011
New Beginnings In The Land of Misfits

My brother and I were talking on the phone the other night, discussing my plans to leave Minnesota for good and move to Colorado forever in order to fulfill my 30-year dream of planting some real roots in the Rocky Mountains. Those majestic mountains have been calling my name for far too long. After hearing how excited I am for a “new beginning,” he made what some would consider to be a snide comment: “So what’s new? You seem to have a new beginning every few years.” This unintentional jab struck a chord with me. Stuck With A Label That Doesn’t Fit I realize I’m probably being way too sensitive, but I’ve had roots in Minnesota for over 17 years, 14 of which have been in the same house. I was married for nine long years. And I worked at my last two companies for over eight years…each.  Still, no matter what […]

May 252011
Aspen: A Rainy Day Recap

Do you want to know what a typical day in the life of a resort-town local is like?  Read this recap. It’s raining outside today which is a good thing because I feel relieved of my obligation as a new local to ski. Not that I don’t want to ski (tomorrow, I swear), I’m just tired. The last four days have had me on a roll being new to town and all. On Wednesday, after running lots of errands and getting sticker shock when I learned that an oil change in the valley is three times as much as I’m used to paying (a whopping $53), I moseyed on down to the tried and true Bistro Basalt (BB) to have ONE glass of wine and hear the infamous Wednesday night band. After all, I’d spent a wonderful evening in town the night before, dining at Matsuhisha of Aspen and meeting lots […]

May 232011
Foreclosed Homes Offer Good Buys In Resort Towns

Steamboat Springs — May 21, 2011 — Nicole Inglis Foreclosed homes continue to filter into the real estate market, but local Realtor Cheryl Foote, of Prudential Steamboat Realty, has seen them filtering out in recent months, as well. In the past two months, Foote has sold two bank-held Routt County properties for what she calls “exceptional” prices.  Both properties — one in Silver Spur and one in Blacktail Mountain Estates near Stagecoach — sold for well below their initial listing price, attracting more attention when they reached a certain reduced price — what Foote called the magic number — leaving prospective buyers with no choice but to make a move. …read more

May 232011
Help Teens Stay Safe and Sober

Posted: 05/10/2011 by The Park Record Editorial Parents who imbibe walk a difficult line when advising their children about the dangers of drinking alcohol, especially when those children become teenagers. The issue can become particularly prickly when there is something special to celebrate like prom night. … These are happy occasions and, for some, that calls for a glass of champagne or some other alcoholic beverage. Unfortunately, though, according to national statistics, teens are twice as likely to be involved in alcohol-related car crashes on prom night.  According to state law, minors may not consume alcohol and those who provide them with illegal beverages are equally culpable.  …read more

May 232011
Opportunity Arises For Hopeful Homeowners

— By Mark Treiber, Tahoe Daily Tribune on May 22, 2011 “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” The Roman philosopher Seneca coined this timeless piece of wisdom about 2,000 years ago. There’s opportunity right here, right now in real estate in the form of low prices, low interest rates and fabulous government-sponsored homebuyer assistance programs. The preparation part is managing your credit history, creating a budget (and sticking to it), and saving money for a modest down payment and reserves. The mortgage program profiled here provides a rare opportunity to buy a home with a minimal investment and relatively low monthly payments. Fannie Mae (FNMA, the government sponsored agency responsible for ensuring liquidity in the mortgage markets) has a bunch of foreclosed properties on their books and are motivated to liquidate this inventory because every day is costing FNMA (us taxpayers) millions of dollars.  …read more Is home ownership […]

May 232011
Middle-Aged Dating In A Resort Can Be Tough

How hard is it to find someone worthwhile when living in a resort town, especially as a 40+ single woman?  Here are the pros and cons of dating (from a female perspective). If you ask most middle-aged women how they feel about the dating scene in their resort town, more times than not you’ll get an answer along the lines of: “It pretty much sucks.” Although the ratio of men to women is considered to be ideal with more men than women in mountainous resort towns, it usually boils down to the issue of quality over quantity. Many local women find themselves dating the Peter Pan types — you know, the perpetual  “man-boy” who keeps getting away with acting like they’re still in their 20’s when they’re really 40+. “Peter” shucks responsibility, dodges commitment and is more concerned about having fun than growing up. They don’t recognize that grownups can have a lot of fun too.  Having said that, most locals end up in […]

May 212011
PROFILE: Colorado Mountain College

CMC offers a full range of learning opportunities in Colorado Rocky Mountain communities Colorado Mountain College serves nine counties in north-central Colorado: Chaffee, Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Jackson, Lake, Pitkin, Routt and Summit. The 12,000-square-mile district includes international resorts, ranches, wilderness areas and former mining towns. Each year, nearly 25,000 students take classes at our 11 locations or on the internet. Learning here is personal. Classes are small. Faculty are friendly. Our graduates say that Colorado Mountain College has provided a solid foundation for the challenges they have faced. Whether you need help registering for classes or planning for your future, you’ll find CMC teachers and staff who will take time with you. They know that if you are happy with your college and comfortable in your environment, you’ll have a better chance to succeed. We want to give you more than a diploma or certificate. We want to foster an […]