Jan 012012

— by Carolyn Sackariason, The Aspen Daily News

While this saga is categorized as an honorable mention for the notable stories of 2011, it could arguably fall under “only in Aspen” as well. Phil Sullivan, Woody Creek’s beloved — or infamous, depending on your point of view — giver of taxi-esque rides in downtown Aspen was jailed for nine days in March for years of driving “friends” to their destinations and accepting “gas money,” or in other words, “tips.”

And in January, he faces another sentencing hearing in which he will likely be jailed again for willfully violating a local judge’s order prohibiting him from such activity. Sullivan faces up to six months in jail, yet he is still out on the streets offering rides.  …read more

Still interested?  Read more about Phil Sullivan’s trial in Aspen here.

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