Jun 242011

Steamboat Springs Pro-Rodeo Series

Rodeo was a part of Steamboat Springs’ culture even before the town was incorporated over 100 years ago; and it’s a tradition that is alive and well today.

No one knows for sure when Steamboat Springs hosted its first organized rodeo competition, but mentions of competitive rodeo events in the local newspaper, the Steamboat Pilot, date back to at least 1898. Looking through historical files, it seems that no local event was complete without some type of rodeo competition.

Steamboat ProRodeo Series Keeps the Past Alive

The rodeo is still an important part of summer in Steamboat Springs. Every Friday and Saturday evening from mid-June to Labor Day Steamboat holds PRCA-sanctioned competitions during the Steamboat Springs ProRodeo Series, with additional rodeo events, such as pro bull riding, team penning and team roping throughout the summer.

Steamboat’s rodeo is as popular today as ever. While the sport doesn’t utilize many modern inventions, its roots run back to the cowboy era, which is one of the most popular historically. Today, cowboys are still icons of the West for their independence and toughness, which spectators can watch first-hand during rodeo competitions.

Why is the rodeo so important to the town of Steamboat Springs in this modern day and age?

“Steamboat was a ranching town before it was anything else,” said John Shipley of the Steamboat Springs ProRodeo Series. “I think the rodeo is important to our community because it reminds us of our heritage in Northwest Colorado. It helps us keep our noses on our faces and not up in the air and our boots planted firmly on the ground.”

For more details, calendar of events and ticket info, visit the Steamboat Springs Rodeo website.

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