May 202011

 Check In To Minturn,

Written by Mary Perdue of the Minturn Inn

According to the Minturn Saloon website, the Minturn Mile is one of the most famous off-piste or out-of-bounds ski runs in the world. It is accessed from the top of chairs 3 or 7 on Vail Mountain and then by taking the out-of-bounds access gate at the top of the turn on the Lost Boy trail.
An ability level of upper intermediate or better is suggested to enjoy the experience. Once you reach the bottom, your choice of dinner/drinks/snacks begins at The Turntable and extends down Main Street with the Minturn Saloon, Sticky Fingers Cafe and Bakery, Minturn Country Club, Nicky’s Quickie and Kirby Cosmo’s BBQ Bar.
Along with the variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner spots, Minturn hosts businesses ranging from clothing (Jayded, Holy Toledo) to coffee (Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea Company) and music (Minturn Music) to outdoor guides (Minturn Anglers).  …read more about Minturn, Colorado

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