May 112011

Written by:  Jason Collin – Tahoe Daily Tribune on 5/11/11

For many locals, cycling doesn’t even cross their minds while there’s still snow on the ground. However, the changing of the clocks and the warmer days marks a beautiful point in the cycle of life — the key being the cycle.

Yes, cycling season is upon us and the big question is are you ready?  You might say: “Well, I’ve been skiing a ton.”

Although some of the fitness acquired from skiing and boarding will help with strength and baseline fitness, cycling presents unique demands on your body. From a physiological standpoint, cycling is much more aerobic than skiing/boarding and includes longer, continuous activity with little or no rest.

Anatomically, we’re moving from an activity such as skiing and boarding that places demands on our bodies that are up and down, forward and backward and side-to-side.  …read more

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