Apr 242011

That little voice inside means business.

Gut feelings are a superb guiding force. They tell us the best routes to take in every aspect of our lives. We’ve probably all had instances where we regretted ignoring a gut feeling about a job or a relationship. Conversely, we’ve probably obeyed an illogical intuitive impulse—and were very glad that we did.

Intuition in the form of gut feelings also tells you when to make changes in your life. Your gut may urge you to return to college, read a particular book, change careers, leave a relationship, call a certain person, or take up a new hobby.

When I was fat and depressed, I felt I wasn’t making a contribution to the world. My gut directed me to take psychology classes and to write books and magazine articles about my life’s ups and downs. My intuition’s directives initially intimidated me, and I would overeat gallons of ice cream to try to silence its ceaseless “change your life, change your life” chants. The ice cream would momentarily ease my existential discomfort. But this satiation never lasted long, and soon I would face my gut’s incessant pressures to make my life healthier and more meaningful.

Finally, I gave up fighting my gut feelings. I enrolled at a local community college and immediately felt relief as my life clicked into focus. My appetite, especially for ice cream, lessened, and my weight started to drop off almost without my notice. I began writing and submitting articles to magazines. Although they were all rejected, I felt elated that I was following my inner guidance. This energy carried me through 12 years of college and propelled me to keep writing until I eventually had many books and articles successfully published.

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Original Post by Doreen Virtue on the You Can Heal Your Life website.  Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops. Visit: www.AngelTherapy.com.

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