Apr 232011

Most everyone has a secret dream of starting over, escaping the daily grind in order to move to a more laid-back existence in a beautiful resort. Sipping on cocktails. Skiing the slopes. Lounging on the beach. Just having fun living the dream.

Many of those life-changers decide to take the plunge after college, before getting a ‘real job.’ But the demographic of those willing to make a move and change their life continues to grow and evolve as living the rat race and living for the weekend loses appeal.

You’ll now find middle-aged divorcées starting over on their terms. You’ll find newly displaced, former homeowners who happily traded in the remainder of their possessions to experience real freedom. You’ll find burnt-out corporate executives who had a-ha moments of clarity which led to a less demanding and more alive lifestyle in the mountains.

You’ll find families who escaped the crime and craziness of urban living now remembering what it’s like to not have to lock your door every moment of the day. You’ll find neighbors who were tired of keeping up with the Jones’s and questioned if their chosen path was a smart choice after all.

Although all walks of life live in resort towns now, there’s one consistent theme: the desire for a better life.

Many people have taken the plunge to great success. We interviewed several locals who had the guts to leave corporate America behind to follow their dreams. Read their success stories and maybe you’ll just find the nerve to take the first step.

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Have you considered taking the plunge?  Are you weighing the pros and cons of starting over?  What’s holding you back?

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