Apr 222011

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The topic of getting bathing suit ready for the warmer seasons is usually aimed toward women. A lot of the same tips and tricks to look great in revealing outfits, especially ‘bare-it-all’ swimsuits are adaptable for men as well. After all a lot of men are just as nervous about dropping towel near the water.

Diet for Life

Rather than deciding in late May that it is time to start starving to fit into a small swimsuit, people should open their minds to the idea that overhauling one’s lifestyle to be healthier every day is a far better choice not just for summer but for the long run.

Try spreading meals out so that there are 3 definite meals each day: morning, afternoon and evening. Fill in the between time with healthy snacks like a piece of fruit or a protein rich shake. Rather than worrying about cutting out food groups or even unhealthy treats like sweets and salty snacks remember that moderation is key, try a handful of chips rather than eating an entire bag.

Build a Better Body

For people to achieve their best body ever it takes work inside and out. Start an exercise plan that fits into the daily routine. Even a small effort like using more stairs at work or at home will help towards general health. If an hour-long workout just won’t fit in try 10 minutes and over time, stretch the exercise by a few more minutes.

Cardio is one part of being fit and toned; weight training and stretching are also important and will improve strength and flexibility. Many strength-training exercises can be done without weights so having a home gym or a club membership isn’t necessary. For couch potatoes try doing floor exercises like lunges, sit-ups and push-ups while watching television. Gym buffs can try using slightly heavier weights or extending an exercise by adding more repetitions.

Silky Skin

A little daily maintenance will help towards having smooth taut skin. A stiff body brush, used dry for a rougher exfoliation or in the shower for a more gentle experience, will slough off dull dead skin and help clean pores. For a chemically enhanced exfoliation try a bottled body scrub which can have natural or man-made acids to reveal brighter layers of skin. There are several men’s lines available now at places like drug stores for guys who are worried about smelling flowery after a shower. If sandals are a big part of summer outfits try using a foot scrub as well.

Once skin is suitably smoothed use a daily moisturizer, there are a vast variety to choose from suited towards different skin types: regular moisturizers to those for very dry problem skin. Finding one that contains sun protection will help prevent damaging sunburns. There are even moisturizers that have toning effects available, they work toward tightening the appearance of skin.

Work It

A great way to instantly look better is to be confident and it shows. A little work can go a long way toward an improved physical and mental state. These tips on getting into great bathing suit shape this summer can be part of a year round routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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