Apr 162011

Affordable housing in pricey resort towns can be a reality.  In an effort to stay vibrant, several Rocky Mountain cities offer deed-restricted housing to teachers, officials and others.

After spending his day in front of a middle school classroom, Brook Yeomans sometimes jumps on his skateboard for the short commute to his home, a two-story, coffee-colored townhouse with views of the vast Wyoming mountains.

The home is the equivalent of real estate gold: He and his wife, Jessica, recently purchased it for $230,000, a far cry from its $750,000 market price.

In most of the country, the two-income couple would be unlikely candidates for subsidized housing. But in this Rocky Mountain resort town, where the median home price is $1.2 million, officials have made it a top priority to ensure public employees and other middle-income residents can live in town. If that means subsidizing families with incomes up to six figures, so be it.  …read more

— 2/17/08 | Mead Gruver | Associated Press | LA Times


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Would you stay put if you couldn’t afford housing in your resort town?  What are the biggest obstacles you face to securing housing where you live?


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