Apr 162011

It’s about that time of the year when you realize that bathing suits, tank tops and shorts are in the very near future, so it’s time you start preparing for them.  Have you been sitting on the couch during ‘pre-season’ in an attempt to avoid the inevitable, or have you been honoring yourself year-round, so this time of the year is a walk in the park?

With the economy and the weather the way it is, I have to admit I fit in the former description − avoiding the inevitable and lounging around.  I wake up renewed and ready to move, but it seems like something gets in the way.  I log onto the computer and three hours go by in the blink of an eye.  I eye the outdoors only to see a storm a-brewin’.  I walk by the fridge only to peak inside and succumb to temptation.  The list of avoidance is endless; I can always find a distraction.

But today is the day that excuses stop.  I’m ready to commit, slowly but surely, to a healthier lifestyle and a more toned and fit body. 

But where do I begin?

A quick glimpse in the mirror affirms my low health level.  I look like shit.  What I feel like I need is a FULL day at the spa (hair, massage, eyebrow wax, facial, nails) just to get me back to square one.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself though and rationalizing another month away, I’m moving forward, first with an exercise regimen, regardless.

So first steps first…making a plan, one that involves early morning commitments before the day gets ahead of me.  I need to create a workout plan that not only gets me into shape, but one that keeps me committed.  In other words, I need a semi-challenging one that will build over time to avoid burnout.   Afterall, success requires a plan of action.

I can’t only commit to a workout regimen, I need a food makeover too.  I’m a sweetie.  Really, I crave sweet food when I’m stressed, and since my stress level has been over the moon this past year due to a corporate layoff and subsequent internet startup, my sweet tooth is out of control.  And this is not a good thing.  So I’ll need a healthy meal plan too that cuts out some calories.

So here are some of my goals for change:

1.  I’m going to shake it up in more ways than one.  Changing my exercise routine will keep me interested and engaged over the long haul.  And if I’m lacking motivation, I’ll just try for mini-efforts or bursts of activity.

2.  I’m going to commit to the outdoors.  I’m sick of being holed up anyway, on the computer all day, working my zest for life away.  I’m going to walk outside. Or I’m going to run. Or hike. Or bike. Or swim. Or rollerblade. I’m just going to commit to moving outdoors. This commitment should be easy enough as a resort-town local, but even if you’re not living in paradise, you can commit to this change anywhere.

3. I’m going to commit to a race in my local community.  Just a 5k walk or race, but a commitment that will help me keep my eye on the prize.  This goal will help my discipline grow.

4. Weight training has to be part of my equation — a commitment of at least 3 times a week.  I’m not in my 20’s anymore, so my muscles will need this type of workout.  I know that incorporating strength training will not only allow me to sleep better, but I’ll feel better too.

5.  I’m getting a dog.  I’ve been wanting a pet for quite some time, and I know that having a puppy look at me with a yearning for a walk will be another worthwhile motivator to get up and get moving.

We want to hear from you.

What are you planning on doing to get in shape this year?  Have you made new goals or commitments in the exercise or weight departments?  Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and make a life change instead?

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