Apr 042011

(Photo by Jeremy Swanson)

Take a stroll down Winter Wonderland Lane, do a little window shopping, then step inside and open up your wallet!  One of the big draws to resort towns are all the local boutiques offering unique, special and sometimes pricey goods to tourists and locals alike.

You definitely need to brace yourself for a resort-town shopping extravaganza.  Purchases can easily rack up into the thousands.  Regardless if your splurge is extravagant or conservative, those purchases can become a jam-packed memory filled with nostalgia and joy.

A special momento or two that serves as a reminder of a wonderful vacation with a loved one or of the time you spent as a resort town as a local will bring lasting joy.

Lately, there’s been much buzz about how the big name brands are pushing the small, local retailers out of business, causing rents to sky-rocket which in turn, makes staying in business tougher for the local shop owner.  That’s why we recommend visiting locally-owned and operated shops and reserving those chain stores (ie. Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton) for your big-city shopping excursions. 

By doing so, you’ll not only meet friendly shop-owners who can offer recommendations of things to do and places to go, but you’ll have an opportunity to find unique and authentic treasures that are tied to that community.  Not to mention, supporting those local retailers encourages innovation and creativity.

Local business people make an enormous and positive contribution to the quality of life in any resort-town community. So consider developing the ‘shop-local’ mindset and act on it whenever possible, especially in these tough economic times.   

Another reason to shop local? Local owners are typically more invested in thoughtful, livable planning for their communities.  You’re local purchases helps keep them (and their employees) working.  And shopping local keeps the money in the community, creating up to three times the local impact vs. when spending money in a big chain store.

And don’t forget the farmer’s markets!  They don’t just offer locally growned foods only any more…you’ll find all sorts of homemade gifts that can actually be considered high-end in some cases.  Some of the semi-precious jewelry on display is completey unique, reasonably priced, eye-catching and beautiful, making a purchase from one of those vendors a true memento of your time spent in that resort town.

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