Mar 092011

Resort locals are a special breed.  They make the necessary sacrifices to live in places they love because they know life is short.  

They heed the call of a life lived fully.

Whether you’ve just graduated from college and want to enjoy a season or two before launching your “real career” or you’re a long-time local who’s stayin’ put, Resort Locals is for you.   We understand the desire to live life on your own terms, and we have experienced the pull that resort towns exude.

The goal of this Resort Locals website is to build a community and offer resources, information, stories and tidbits to those locals living and working in resort towns everywhere.  We’ll write  and re-publish interesting and relevant articles that matter to you. 

We want our community to meet your needs.  So, we welcome your thoughts and value your feedback.  We also encourage you to join our Resort Locals Facebook Community  and visit our sister websites. 

Our sister sites which are currently live are and  Stay tuned,  we have more website launches planned in 2011.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Live Strong. Live Long.

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